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Where can our happy shoes be worn?

Our woven shoes are perfect for getting your exercise by walking to the shops, climbing over rock and in rivers, swimming at the beach, or doing your favourite water sport such as canoeing or kayaking.

The shoes are comfortable in wet conditions where the water drains quickly and easily. Plus the grip on the soles will keep you from slipping. 


Delivery – time & tracking

Australia Post delivers our wonderful water shoes within 3 – 4 days, but it can take a week. Please note, if you live in Western Australia you may need to wait a few more days since we are based in Brisbane. 

If you would like to track your delivery please contact us for the tracking number


Can I cancel my order?

Yes transactions can be cancelled. However we need to be contacted prior to the item being dispensed.

Please contact us via email or phone.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0416 227 466 or 0410 470 931

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Warren : 0416 227 466
Leigh : 0410 470 931

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